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Julián Cordero
Sebastian Valbuena
First person narrative exploration game
PC (Steam & EGS)
Xbox Series X|S
PlayStation 5
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A slice-of-life adventure about childhood and the magical grip soccer held over the people of Quito, Ecuador in 2001.


Despelote is a soccer game about people. Get immersed in the streets and parks of Quito through the eyes and ears of eight year old Julián. Dribble, pass and shoot your soccer ball around town, and see what happens when you kick it someone's way. Feel the city change as Ecuador comes closer than ever to qualifying for the World Cup.


  • A bittersweet and sometimes dreamy semi-autobiographical tale of youth.
  • Explore a dense town space at your leisure, full of activities, interactions, and mischief to get up to.
  • A physics-based soccer ball that feels good to kick around in a first-person perspective.
  • A vibrant world full of characters that have funny, and genuine conversations.
  • Photos and audio recorded on location in Ecuador are used to create a strong sense of place.

About the development team

Julián Cordero is a game designer born and raised in Quito, Ecuador and based in NYC. When he started playing with the idea of making a game about his experiences with soccer growing up, he approached Sebastián Valbuena, an animator and musician based in Quito. Together, they set out to make a game that captures the city’s culture and atmosphere as honestly as they could.

The team has grown throughout the years, with Gabe Cuzzillo joining as a producer to help consolidate the project’s vision, and Ian Berman and Niall Tessier-Lavigne helping out with sound design and programming

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